Homeschool Photo Day

Republic, Missouri Homeschool Photo Day


Please read the information provided here, and follow the instructions to sign up!


Saturday September 11th and Sunday September 12th

Signup is EASY!

After reading the provided information, fill out the form below!

Please familiarize yourself with our

student safety and Covid-19 prevention practices

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be remain onsite with your student(s).
  • Masks must be worn by photographer and on-lookers for the duration of the session.
  • Setting and scene will be sanitized before your session begins.
  • Session is restricted to parent(s)/guardian(s) and student(s) only. Siblings not being photographed are welcome.

On Picture Day

Here are the details that make this session unique is all of the best ways.

  • Your student(s) will have between 5 and 7 minutes of session time. This will provide a wider selection of images to choose from when placing your orders! *NOTE: Photos will be traditional studio-style images.
  • Print packages are kept simple and add-ons are available!
  • 10% off for families with 2 or more students participating.
  • Turn around time for your online viewing and order gallery is 4 days or less. Check your email to find your gallery.
  • The session location is TBA. Check back soon for location information.

How to order:

After your photo day, your image options will be delivered to you in an online viewing and ordering gallery. You can make your image selections, then choose which package option suits your needs! Ordering is done at the click of a button. Please allow up to 4 days for your online gallery to be emailed to you.

Product Delivery:

*Prints will be delivered directly to your home. This process can take up to 3 weeks after your order period closes.

*Digital images will be delivered and immediately available after checkout.

$25 Minimum Order


Pay when you order.

***Packages cannot be split between students. ***Tax and shipping are additional, and calculated at checkout.

How to Book:

Signup forms must be filled out by September 9th to secure your spot. Fill out the form indicating which date you would like, and how many students you have. You will receive a message within 24 hours indicating the time slots available for those dates, and you may choose from those blocks of time.

***Enter a number where you can receive texts

*Please choose one

Getting to know your Photographer

I am Sarai!

(Pronounced like Sarah)

I have owned and operated Sarai Minard Photography for over 10 years! For the past decade, I have been working hard to create quality memories for families in the Springfield MO area.

I am a mother of two boys (5&6), a wife, a coffee lover, and I have a serious love of photography.

I tend to be silly, and love a genuine expression of fun from my clients! My goal is for clients to feel their best, and have genuine excitement behind those smiles.