Based out of Republic, MO...

I am a professional wedding photographer based out of Republic, MO and proudly serving the greater Springfield MO area. I absolutely love my community and have spent all of my years in the Springfield, MO area.

My family and I recently moved to Republic, MO! We are in love with our community and are seeking out more ways to get involved. So far, we have found small ways to support small businesses in our area.

Sadly, since Covid-19 swept across our nation, many of the celebrations and traditions our great little town hold each year were canceled. I am hoping 2021 will bring a much-needed relief in our community.

Amongst the many small businesses in Republic, MO, I have a few that I LOVE, and want to give a mention to.

Republic MO Pumpkin Daze 2021

Okay, so this is not a "small business." This event actually hosts MANY local small businesses. It's difficult to say if they are going to hold this grand tradition this year. Last year, it was scheduled to take place, but then canceled due to Covid 19. I will be checking for that information and will update as soon as I know more. I am excited about this year because I will be setting up a BOOTH! That's right! You will see Sarai Minard Photography in a booth with my exclusive product line for sale! Here are some GREAT photos from 2018 to give you a peek at what it's like!! CLEARLY this was not 2020, due to the lack of masks and social distancing... But it's amazing to see the community all together! Republic Pumpkin Daze

Republic MO Pumpkin Daze 2021
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021 Sarai Minard Photography
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021 Wedding photographer
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021 Republic MO
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021 crafts
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021 Republic Fire Department
Republic Pumpkin Daze 2021 Pumpkin Crafts
Republic Fire Department at Republic Pumpkin Daze

Village Pottery Café

Village Pottery Café: Every SINGLE time we come here, they impress us in a new way. First, their food is exceptional. Their recipes are handcrafted, and out of this world. My husband LOVES their daily quiche. It is his FAVORITE. I usually get what ever the special is because I love trying new things. Their bakery items are made fresh, and the recipes are developed by the owners daughter. TRULY amazing. You can find out more about their menu, hours, and other offerings here. Village Pottery Cafe. If you are Keto, they have the most amazing grilled chicken house salads. As mentioned in their name, they also have pottery painting! It's SO FUN, and they have them ready really quickly! You absolutely don't want to miss this tucked-away gem. They also do curbside, and exercise masking practices for seated meals!

Village Pottery Café

This is a mug I made there!

Black Lab Coffee Company:

I did a wedding consultation here once! It was a very clean and adorable shop! They serve fresh and amazing coffee. And let me tell you, I am a coffee person! You can find out their hours and menu by visiting their Facebook page! The Black Lab coffee company | Facebook

The Guesthouse Market

This place is so very cool because it hosts a plethora of local small business boutiques! There's something for everyone! If you are looking for local made sports clothing? They've got it! Unique jewelry designs? Yep! Homemade candles with amazing scents... Check. I have been here several times for gifts for friends! Go check them out! Visit their page for store hours and a peep at what they have in stock! Guesthouse Market & Boutique | Facebook

I hope...

I hope you visit Republic, MO to experience these AWESOME places and events! GO TIGERS!!!