Are you wanting a carefree wedding day? Here are 5 ways to make it happen.

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If you're planning a wedding...

I am sure it's no secret that wedding planning is a bit stressful or overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make when it comes to every single aspect of the day. I have compiled a list of simple ways you can turn your wedding day into a fun-filled and relaxed day that you deserve!

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One: Hire Professionals.

While this seems like a no-brainer, it also bears mentioning. When you are planning a wedding, there is already so much weight on you and your bridal party members and it's important to take a load off and allow the professionals to handle the hard stuff.

Professionals to consider are:

-Wedding Planner (Like Aqua Bella Events and Design)

-Wedding Photographer (like Sarai Minard Photography *wink*)

-Catering (Like Simply Delicious)

-Baker/Cake Designer (Like Charity Fent Cake Design or MLP Cake Design)

-Florist (Like Rebecca's Garden Studio)

-Event rental company (Like Aqua Bella Events and Design)

-Makeup Artist (Like Makeup By Tabitha)

-Hair Stylist

-DJ or Live Musician(s) (Like Jason Whorlow with Whorlow Entertainment)

Hiring a DJ or entertainer for your reception really keeps the energy high for your guests. Everyone has a great time with a properly paced reception.

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Two: Communicate Your Wishes.

This is kind of a broad-stroke statement but hear me out. You have a vision for your wedding day and literally EVERYONE wants to make sure that vision comes to life for you. Let's start with your guests-

Guests: If you prefer a formal ceremony/reception, make it known in a way that the point can be easily read. On your invitation, you can say something like "Formal dinner to follow ceremony." This sets up an expectation of how you would like for your guests to arrive.

Vendors: It is absolutely VITAL that you communicate your wishes with your vendors. If you are wanting a more whimsical feel, relay that. If you are wanting a more romantic and formal feel, relay that. We are here to serve YOU and nothing would make us happier than seeing your vision come to life. We want to help create the magic of your day. If changes are made, be sure to communicate those changes asap. There's nothing wrong with too much information, but too little information can lead to disappointment... which we are REALLY trying to avoid.

Bridal party: Be sure that they know when and where to be Traditionally, they get ready WITH the couple (separately-together,) so generally speaking, they know where and when to be. However, if you have special requirements of them, be sure to communicate that. For example, if you are wanting one of them to help with decoration, give them a timeframe to begin getting ready.

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Three: Take Time to Make Time.

In my experience, having a detailed timeline helps LITERALLY EVERYONE involved in your wedding day. You, your bridal party, your vendors, your family members... literally everyone. The key to a successful timeline is to start by working backwards. What does that mean exactly? Begin with the end in mind (which is a good rule for most things in life.) The following is a rough idea of what I am talking about--

Start working from the end of the day (When the reception venue needs to be cleaned up and everything put away) to the beginning-- which is when you need to start decorations and getting ready (hair and makeup.)

Example- If you need to leave the venue by 11:00pm, start cleaning up at 10:00pm. Dancing should begin at 8:00 if you want 2 hours of open-floor dancing, which means dinner/cake needs to be done by 8:00 and start around 6:30 (to accommodate speeches and toasts, cake cutting, first dances, etc.)... Keep working your way through the day backwards until you reach the beginning. Once you have established how much time you want to spend on each portion of the day, you will absolutely maximize the number of things you can do and the amount of time you have for relaxation.

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Four: Choose a Point Person

One of the most stressful parts of a wedding day seems to be the actual execution of the plans. This is where it becomes extremely important to have someone who is "in the know" about all of the details of the day. From decorating guest tables to arbor decor; make sure someone else knows your vision and is capable of setting up while you are getting ready. It's also important to make sure this person is capable of answering questions while you are getting ready. Example-- If someone is looking for the rings, your point person will know where they are. If someone is looking for ribbon or flowers to decorate tables, your point person knows exactly which box they are located in. It is important that all vendors know who this person is and how to easily get ahold of them in case of a sudden change in the day's timeline. This person should also know your timeline (have a copy) and also have time to ready themselves for the event as well.

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Once you implement all of the above, this will come naturally. Do you best to relax and enjoy YOUR DAY. If you are a silly couple, be silly. If you want to twirl your dress, TWIRL THAT DRESS. The most important part of your day is to look back on it and remember that it was the best day of your life.

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