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I was recently asked why I chose wedding photography as my specific field. The short answer is: I love weddings. Like, everything to do with weddings. I love the flowers, the colors, the laughter and closeness. I love watching two people with two families join together as one. I love the dancing, the CAKE(!), and most of all... I love watching two people commit their lives and love to each other. It's a magical moment when the couple seals their vows with a kiss.

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Green house two rivers ceremony first kiss

My passion for weddings

I can't pinpoint a specific moment when I fell in love with weddings, but I can tell you it was before I started photographing them. I have been to dozens of weddings in my time, and each one is as unique as the couple getting married. Each wedding I was invited to was like attending a beautiful ball celebrating love!

I remember when I decided to begin wedding photography. It was like a switch came on. I remember attending a wedding, seeing the beautiful floral arrangements, the guests with their unending smiles, the perfection of the cake, and feeling the mood on the dance floor. I remember realizing that I wanted to be a photographer who captures those moments as they happen with photos so detailed, you can almost taste the cake again, feel the energy when the bride and groom first set eyes on each other, and to feel the warmth of the love between the families and friends wrapping around them. That's what it was. The desire to help families relive the happiest day of their lives while capturing it in a very detailed and fresh way.

Bride and groom at the Green House Two Rivers
Bride getting ready with Maid of honor
Grandpa helps groom with tie
bride and groom kiss with flower petals scattered green house two rivers

I realize...

As a wedding photographer, I am blessed with the honor and responsibility to capture the love, the excitement, and everything in between. I love what I do because it brings happiness to my clients. Over and over again. For many many years. The photos tell a story that will be passed on from generation to generation, and that makes them absolutely priceless.

Bride and groom dancing in a field
Bride and groom almost kiss
bride and groom in reception hall at Green House Two Rivers
Flower girl
Covid wedding at Green House Two Rivers
Bride and groom share embrace
Bride and groom first kiss, Green House Two Rivers
Magical and romantic setting with bride and groom
Groom dipping bride
night photo at the Green House Two Rivers