Wedding Venues in Springfield MO

No, I haven't worked at ALL of the wedding venues in Springfield MO, BUT I have a lot of experience with the venues I have worked with. This blog post will be a growing post as I work more and more venues surrounding the Springfield area.

Greenhouse Two Rivers

I have spent MANY hours at this venue, and it is among my favorites! It was designed (literally) with Photography in mind. The grounds are clean, the couples' rooms are clean and open while also being comfortable and providing all of the amenities of home.

Entrance to parking at the Greenhouse Two Rivers
Wedding Venues in Springfield MO Greenhouse Two Rivers
Entrance to the Greenhouse Two Rivers
Greenhouse Two Rivers

This venue is located conveniently in Highlandville MO. As you enter the property, their sign is so lovely and apparent. The entrance to the building is FULL of light. Windows wrap the entire building making almost the entire structure photographable. It definitely earned the name Greenhouse with all of the light coming in from all directions.

The ballroom features beautiful chandelier work, and greenery to help accent your wedding colors and decor. The venue has neutral tones throughout the building which means you can easily add your own personality to the place!

Outside, the grounds are neatly kept and constantly being improved with new details. The latest of those upgrades is the outdoor bar and lounge.

One of my favorite features is the way the sun sets behind the ballroom. There is nothing better than energizing light pouring through the reception space.

Portrait Opportunities

The grounds have a lot of portrait locations, and free range to walk around. The sun moves beautifully through the sky and hits just the right spots for amazing images. The ceremony space just sings with gorgeous light when the sun is in a low position.

Sunset at the Greenhouse Two Rivers
First kiss during ceremony at the Greenhouse Two Rivers
Natural Sunset Portrait Greenhouse Two Rivers
Sarai Minard Wedding Photography
Post Ceremony bride and groom walking- Greenhouse Two Rivers
Hallway of the Greenhouse Two Rivers
Greenhouse Two Rivers Hallway
Mimosa toast at the Greenhouse Two Rivers

Greenhouse Two Rivers

For more information on the Greenhouse Two Rivers, click the link above and contact their headquarters.

Lindwedel Winery

This is a very unique location! It serves as both a wedding venue and a winery/bar. Located in Branson MO just off of route 76, this venue is close to everything you will need!

The Grounds are nicely kept, and the ceremony space is breathtaking. You can see so much at the drop-off, and the view feels endless. Just off of the horizon, the view only ends where the sky allows it to.

The reception space is smaller and indoors. This venue is ideal for smaller wedding celebrations!

There are great locations to take portraits, including the ceremony space and drop-off next to the reception space. I would absolutely love to shoot there again!

The space is clean and neutral, making it easy to personalize your wedding in accordance with your taste.

The bridals suites are decently sized and private, making it really simple to gather images of the getting-ready process.

Reception Space at the Lindwedel Winery In Branson
Lindwedel Winery Over-look
Lindwedel Winery outside lit walkway
Lindwedel Winery Ceremony Space Wedding Venues
Wedding venues Branson MO Lindwedel Winery
Lindwedel Winery
Lindwedel Winery Portrait locations
Lindwedel Winery Ceremony space

Home | Lindwedel Winery

For more information on this lovely venue, click the link above!

The Coleman Vault

Surprisingly, I had never heard of this venue, then was suddenly booked for two weddings there within one month of each other. Needless to say, my first encounter with the place was a learning experience. Here are my impressions overall, as a photographer.

When you first arrive, you notice that it is nestled in an adorable downtown area in Marionville, MO. The downtown area has a vintage feel with original buildings and a small firehouse close by.

The venue is located on a street corner, which makes for a very cool shot of the venue itself.

One of the greatest things about the venue is the low traffic in the area. It makes portraits REALLY fun because you can go anywhere without the fear of being struck by a vehicle. Here are a few examples of work done inside and outside of the venue.

Coleman Vault Ballroom Marionville MO Wedding photography
Coleman Vault in Springfield MO
Coleman Vault Speeches in the dining room
Bridal suite at the Coleman Vault
Portraits at the Coleman Vault
Wedding Portraits at the Coleman Vault
Dining room at the Coleman Vault
Ballroom at the Coleman Vault in Marionville MO
Dress hanging from front door at the Coleman Vault
Coleman Vault set up for indoor ceremony
Bridal Suite at the Coleman Vault
Changing Room in the bridal suite at the Coleman vault
Bridal portraits at the Coleman Vault
Bride and Groom at the Coleman Vault
Downtown Marionville at the Coleman Vault
Portrait location Coleman Vault

As you can see, there are multiple locations for images to be taken, each one offering an adorable peek at the surrounding downtown area.

The Bridal Suites are a great size, and offer loads of light. I love taking images in those rooms! They are beautifully updates but still have a vintage feel and authentic appearance. They are cozy with sitting room and natural light.

The reception space is divided into two smaller parts separating the dinner/meal space from the dance/party space. This allows for personalization in both spaces, and also offers a range of opportunities for your guests. Whether they are party animals or would rather lounge and enjoy the reception seated, there's something for everyone.

They also offer indoor and outdoor ceremony options, which I value as a photographer. I have shot both, and tend to prefer the indoor option over the outdoor. The lighting on the outdoor space isn't ideal for head-on shots, and there is a flagpole that runs down the center of the aisle. On a really sunny day, there is a shadow cast that can be difficult to work around in post editing. Naturally, I work around the light to make the most printable images possible. The gazebo is really cute, and even has a for the couple to be wedded on.

While the indoor ceremony space is considerably smaller, there is natural lighting, so it is still very beautiful in images. Below are some comparisons of outdoor to indoor options.

Outdoor Ceremony Space at the Coleman Vault Gazebo
Outdoor wedding at the Coleman Vault
Coleman Vault Wedding gazebo
Wedding Ceremony at Coleman Vault Gazebo
Wedding ceremony indoor at Coleman Vault
Coleman Vault Ballroom ceremony
Wedding at the Coleman Vault (indoor)
Wedding indoors at the Coleman Vault

(1) The Coleman Vault | Facebook

I was unable to find a true website for the venue, but I was able to link their Facebook page above. Contact them for more information on pricing and availability.

The Loft at Keith Farms

Charming property located in Ash Grove, MO.

I have only worked this venue once before, but I would love to do it again!

Upon arriving, the first thing you notice is how large the grounds are, and they are all yours! You can use any part of the property for portraits, and the options are limitless. It is a fun little surprise, this place.

The bridal suites are quaint and cozy with all of the amenities. There is plenty of room to move around and get ready.

The grounds are clean and tidy with a beautiful palette to truly personalize it as your own.

Bridal suite at The Loft at Keith Farms
portraits location: The Loft at Keith Farms
Sunset at The Loft at Keith Farms
Wedding ceremony at The Loft at Keith Farms
Outdoors after sunset at The Loft at Keith Farms
Reception space at The Loft at Keith Farms
stairwell inside of The Loft at Keith Farms
The Loft at Keith Farms

There is a ton of space for the reception with a dance floor. The space they have is so perfectly mapped out, it makes it easy to plan your reception decor.

There are indoor and outdoor options for the ceremony, so there is truly something for everyone. It could easily be dressed up for a more romantic/elegant feel, or decorated to be more fun and playful.

The sunset here is BREATHTAKING. I cannot say enough about this venue, and hope to work it again soon.

The Loft at Keith Farms | Weddings + Events in Ash Grove, MO

Want to learn more about them? Visit the link above and contact them. They even have a texting option for simple questions!


This venue is extremely neat. If you haven't been there, I would suggest stopping by to take a tour. The location is an older part of Springfield MO with incredible updates.

Commercial Street is one of the oldest areas in Springfield MO and an original "downtown" for the area. The area features loads of small businesses including a coffee shop, restaurants, and a bar as old as the hills. The Savoy is wrapped in history itself.

The property is beautifully maintained and updated, but so many aspects of the property are authentically vintage including the hardwood flooring and tin ceilings. The space is open and the options for decorating are limitless.

The Savoy Springfield MO wedding venues
View of the ballroom at the Savoy in Springfield MO
Dress hanging for photos at The Savoy Springfield MO
Bridal Suite at the Savoy on commercial street in Springfield MO

The bridal preparation area is located toward the front of the building, sealed off by large theater curtains, which I have to say make for gorgeous "getting ready" photos. The space is large enough to handle even the larger wedding parties. The curtains can remain closed throughout the evening or be popped open at any point in the day.

The light hits the indoor space in such an elegant way. It really does take your breath away.

There is ample room for dining and dancing, and bar service is available. The colors inside are so neutral, you are able to really fill the space with your personality.

The outdoor area can be used as the ceremony space, cocktail hour, or any combination of the two. The recently added a pergola to the ceremony space, which can be draped and decorated. When your guests walk into the space, it's like walking into a secret garden. It's closed off from the rest of the downtown scene while remaining entirely outside. There is a charming garden gate at the foot of the ceremony space.

I have spent a lot of time there, and I am always catching glimpses of things I have never seen before, and newly added details. Everything about the place allows you to really dive in a personalize your experience.

Dress hanging on front door at the Savoy downtown Springfield
MLP Cakes at the Savoy wedding venue Springfield MO
Window Dressing at the Savoy in Springfield MO Wedding
The Savoy Springfield MO
Dining Area in the Savoy in Springfield MO
Window Area in front of The Savoy in Springfield MO
Courtyard at the Savoy in Springfield MO
New Pergola at the Savoy in Springfield MO

Welcome to the Savoy (cstreetsavoy.com)

I could post 100 photos, and you would still need to see this place for yourself. Give them a visit with the link above!

The Venue at Stockton Lake

This is another venue I have only shot once, but already can't wait to get back to. My experience will differ some from others because it did rain a lot of the day I shot there. Here are a few images of he grounds to help give you a sense of the overall aesthetic. The location is a bit remote and is in Stockton Missouri.

The Venue at Stockton Lake (front building)
The Venue at Stockton Lake Sign out front
Ceiling area in the ballroom The Venue at Stockton Lake
A glimpse from a distance at The Venue at Stockton Lake
ceremony space close to the pond at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Front view of The Venue at Stockton Lake
Bonfire area at The Venue at Stockton Lake wedding venue
Portrait location at The Venue at Stockton Lake Missouri wedding venue

This place truly has it all. The preparation rooms are extremely clean, and have ample room for getting ready. The grounds and facilities have an updated feel with a rustic overtone. The reception space is large and perfectly equipped to handle almost any guestlist.

The outdoor ceremony space is beautifully located on the property just down the hill from the facilities. I do not know if there are indoor ceremony options because (despite the on again off again rain) we managed to have the ceremony outside.

There are a lot of portrait location options around the grounds even if there is active rain. We were able to capture some lovely photos including umbrellas as props.

I can say that The Venue at Stockton Lake is remarkable on so many levels.

Bridal Portraits at The Venue at Stockton Lake
The Venue at Stockton Lake wedding portrait with umbrella
Groom at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Wedding photos with clear umbrella at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Groom's room at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Bridal suite at The Venue at Stockton Lake
mother and groom at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Bridal suite at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Reception hall at The Venue at Stockton Lake
First look with dad in front of The Venue at Stockton Lake
Bride with Bridesmaids at The Venue at Stockton Lake
Groomsmen at The Venue at Stockton Lake

The Venue at Stockton Lake | Celebrate on the Lake | thevnu.com

For more information about booking this venue, click the link above! I definitely recommend seeing it for yourself.

Sarai Minard Photography

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