Here are a few simple rules to follow for your BEST engagement photos.

One: Always be touching.

It's true. It's difficult to feel romantic around a camera toting stranger... but hear me out. When I do my engagement sessions, I constantly remind my couples to get closer. There is NO SUCH THING as too close when it comes to engagement photos. Touch hands, cheeks, hips, hair, touch it all. There are so many expressions of love that you can make using only simple touches.

When physically interacting with one another, touches should be gentle and meaningful. Sometimes just a hand on a shoulder can mean the difference between a good engagement photo and a GREAT engagement photo. It's all in the meaning behind the touch.

I do not encourage my clients to be sexually explicit; meaning touches should be made in such a way that they can translate well in a public park setting or a more private setting. Intimacy can be easily read with the simplest interactions.

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Two: Pretend like I am not here.

My clients OFTEN hear me say "pretend like I am not here" while I am continuing to shoot photos of them.

Imagine all of those times you have been alone with your beloved and thought to yourself "I wish I had photos of this moment." THAT is what I am there to capture. I want to see you with one another, and those are the memories you will hold dear year over year. Anyone can shoot a photo of two people looking at the camera. My goal is to create a comfortable environment where the only thing that matters is the moment you are involved in.

So, look at each other. Laugh with each other. Stare longingly into each other's eyes. Pretend like I am not here. And don't worry... we WILL get those photos with both of you facing the camera. But I guarantee your favorite images from your engagement photos will be the ones where you pretended like I wasn't there.

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Three: Cuddle, Snuggle, Kiss, and Dance.

How in the world do these couples look like MODELS?! I will tell you how! They are simply in the moment with one another. I absolutely encourage you to do what you are feeling in the moment. Does this feel like a moment you want to kiss your fiance? KISS THEM! Does this feel like a moment that you want to boop noses together? BOOP AWAY! When it comes to your engagement session, there are no rules when it comes to showing your love. Part of this goes along with "Always Be Touching" but lends itself more to getting lost in the moment and being spontaneous.

I direct my couples to improve the overall image, or place them in a beautiful scene, but you are the star of your love story. I can help set up a general feeling or overall emotion you may want captured, but I promise you: when you do what feels natural, you will tell the story of your love in a way I never could.

So, cuddle, snuggle, kiss, dance, boop noses, tickle, laugh, hug, and show your love. That will be the key to your FAVORITE images in your final gallery.

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Four: Props and Pups are always welcome!

I can't even stress this enough. If you have props... or PETS... or both... I want to know about it. I find unique ways to incorporate your furry little family member right into your love story. You can't IMAGINE how happy it makes me to see a couple including their pets in their engagement photos.

Adorable signs and props make engagement photos fun and functional! So many couples use their engagement photos for save the date or for their formal invitations. Signs are a fun way to relay a message to your friends and family in a way that is uniquely YOU.

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Five: Bring a Change of Attire.

Another fun way to add variety to your images is an outfit change! It can really change the entire feeling of a set of images. Above, you can see a series of 4 photos taken during the same session with very different appearances. Changing some key elements of your outfit creates an entirely new set of feelings and emotions. While one set is crisp, romantic, and charming, the last two are warm, close, and comfortable. Both sets are BREATHTAKING and almost feel like two completely different sessions!

So, bring that wardrobe change! We can fit it into our session and send you home with more value for your dollar.

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