The newest trend in wedding planning-- An unplugged wedding. 

Some of you may be asking "What is an unplugged ceremony?" If you aren't sure what it is or how to go about it, read on. I have some great tips for how to have an unplugged wedding. 

So, what is it? In this day and age, EVERYONE has a camera of some sort. Before the dawn of cell phone photography, smaller/portable cameras (point and shoot cameras) were and still are readily available. It's easy to conceal and carry them... but is it always appropriate to wield them? 

The answer is: No. 

Brides and grooms across the Midwest search tirelessly to find the perfect wedding photographer to capture their special day. They invite guests to WITNESS their nuptials, not to become a vendor. Did you know the average wedding photographer for hire in the Springfield MO area costs between $1500-$3000? Trust me when I say: Their photographer has it covered. Yet, some guests can't help themselves. They pull out what ever device they have available to take as many photos as they can...

So lets go point by point as to why an unplugged wedding is SO amazing. 

What is wrong with guests nabbing photos during the ceremony? 

1. There is already a photographer present--

No additional photos necessary. 

2. It ruins professional photos.

When a guest wields a device to take photos during the ceremony, guess who ends up in your professional wedding photos. The guest AND their iPad. (believe it or not... yes. iPads are a very popular choice for guests to make their captures on.) Imagine... that EPIC ceremony shot down the aisle of the bride and groom exchanging their vows, staring longingly in each other's eyes... and there's aunt Mabel, iPad at the ready leaned half way in the aisle trying to get the same shot the photographer has been paid to get. 

3. It takes the guest out of "the moment."

When someone is invited to a wedding, they are invited as a guest. When they assume the role of "photographer," they are missing the best part about witnessing a ceremony... being. in. the. moment. They suddenly feel the pressure of getting the perfect shot when someone else is being paid to handle that. Brides and grooms love for their guests to take it all in without the pressure of trying to nab photos.

How to have an unplugged wedding

There are a couple of ways you can introduce an unplugged wedding to your guests. Here are the top ways to let your guests know that you would rather they keep those devices tucked away. 

1. Make a sign.

In the example photo above, you can see where a couple had made a sign to remind their guests that there is a very capable professional photographer present, and they will share their photos with everyone they invited. 

2. Put your wishes in the wedding invitation. 

It may seem a bit odd to add it to the invitation, but it helps guests to know what your wishes are before they show up. The best way to add it in would be near the bottom of the invitation, right before the reception details. Adding a line like "Please, no photos during the ceremony" would get the point across in most cases. Most people just want to do what the bride and groom want them to do. In this case, you only want them to do one thing: Show up. 

3. Before the ceremony...

Have the officiant announce to the guests what your wishes are. Some couples choose to have the minister address the guests just before the ceremony starts to let them know it's beginning. Before one wedding I photographed, the minister said "Hello, everyone and welcome. *The bride and groom* want to thank you all for coming. The ceremony is about to begin! At this time, they would appreciate all devices being silenced and tucked away completely. They welcome you to take photos during the reception, but to please refrain during the ceremony." 

This is a relatively new idea in the wedding industry, and I recommend it to all of my couples. The choice is still yours, and there is nothing that says you have to have to have an unplugged ceremony, but you now have more information about it! 

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