In the beginning

To understand why I chose the path of wedding photography, you must first know where I come from.

Growing up, I felt a calling to be creative. It wasn't a whisper; it was a scream. I had an extreme love for the arts very early. Singing, acting, CONSTANTLY creating. Photographers typically do not start out in life as photographers. They are creators. Artists. Art is definitely subjective, and doesn't always read the way the artist intends, which was the case when I was young. I wanted to be great at drawing, which I never mastered despite many attempts. I was absolutely set on creating art.

My father was a wedding photographer, and my grandfather was a photographer. The art of photography was literally running through my veins. I remember being young and my dad encouraging me to take photos! I took courses in photography and edited in a darkroom. It was so invigorating to see my images come to life.

Why Wedding Photography

Fast forward to the year 2012; The year that I got married. So, there I was, like so many brides. Buried in my own house with wedding decorations and wedding planning going on NON-STOP. Even when I was working, I was planning. It's safe to say that is was always at the forefront of my mind.

During my planning phase, I remember wondering "Will anyone even notice these details I am adding? Will anyone bother to remember them?" I remember hoping my photographer would see those things that I so lovingly put together for the most important day of our lives together thus far. I saw my wedding through a photographer's eyes. In the years following, we were invited to a number of weddings for friends and family, and I couldn't help but view all of it through the eyes of a photographer. I went out of my way to notice those wedding details. I KNEW what went into the planning and execution of the event.

I was hooked.

Weddings became my FAVORITE large event to attend. Nothing matches the love shown between a couple on their wedding day. Guests composed of family and friends arrive to show their support for the joining of the couple. The food, the dancing, the cake... I could go on. I love literally everything about a wedding day.

My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture EVERYTHING I see. I pay special attention to the little things that the planner may have thought no one would notice. I notice. I want you to remember very clearly what those little things looked like because they are not little things. They are important to you; they are important to me. Contact me to find out more about my mission and how it directly affects your wedding.

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