My LOVE of Weddings

Guys, I actually love weddings. Wedding season brings me such absolute joy. Seeing two people so in love, so dedicated, so ENAMORED with each other that they MUST confess their love in front of all of their family and friends.... there's nothing like it. Truly.

Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos Springfield MO

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Springfield MO weddings by Sarai Minard Photography

Wedding photography Springfield MO

Wedding at Greenhouse Two Rivers. Bride and Groom with flower girl.

Springfield Missouri wedding photographer

Bride and groom first kiss at ceremony. Wedding at Greenhouse Two Rivers.

Wedding are UNIQUE!

I think one of the best things about a wedding is how each one is so different. Unique is FUN, and every couple is unique. Some of the best weddings I have photographed had so many moments of levity. So many laughs and smiles throughout the entire day. I love when couples go with the flow and have a relaxing and fun wedding day. One time, a bride pulled me aside to do a funny "first look" joke on her groom. I was laughing hysterically when the groom discovered his surprise.

Weddings can be emotional as well...

Just like every couple of unique, their stories and their family stories are as well. Spending most of the day with a bride and groom reveals so many of these stories. So many little details throughout the day reveal so much about each family. I won't divulge things I have learned, but I will share a few important and impactful photos I have taken over the years. From happy tears, to meaningful trinkets. These are some photos that the couple will cherish for generations to come.

Bride reading a note from the groom. Springfield MO photographer
Groom cries during father's speech. Springfield MO wedding photography
Father sees his daughter as a bride for the first time. Springfield MO
Brides bouquet is full of trinkets to remind her of passed loved ones.

Cake, Dancing, and all of the rest...

But let's face it! At the end of the day, two people joined in love. They made a commitment in front of their family and friends, and sealed it with a kiss. The reception is where you see it all. The loving support of these family members and friends, the laughter and love they all share, and the way they lift each other up.

Food, cake ( I mean... I love LOVE cake) and DANCING! The dancing just gets better and better as the night goes on. The after hours crew is always my favorite. The loyal few who stick around well after ,many have gone home. They have so much energy and love for the couple. It's like they don't want the night to end! This is something that happens at each reception, and is one of my favorite things to see.

Wedding cake Springfield Missouri

Wedding cake at Greenhouse Two Rivers

Sarai Minard Photography wedding photos

Wedding cupcakes Springfield MIssouri

Wedding Photos at the Greenhouse Two Rivers

Bride and Groom first dance Greenhouse Two Rivers

First dance at Greenhouse Two Rivers. SWMO Wedding Photographer

Father and Bride first dance at the Greenhouse Two Rivers

All of this to say...

Your wedding day is as important to you as it is to me. I am eager to make 2021 my biggest wedding year! I offer wedding photography in the Springfield Missouri and surrounding area. Contact me when you are ready to dazzle me with your wedding details, and are ready for me to dazzle you with the images of your event!