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You have your engagement photos...

Now what? I am here to share a few ideas from my own personal experience and from past events I have been hired to photograph. There are SEVERAL THINGS you can use your images for besides printing and changing your profile photo every week for a year! Let's dive right in with my personal favorite... because it's what I did with mine.

Credit: Image on Book: Corey Brown Photography

Wedding Guestbook

I remember shopping for my guestbook for my wedding, and everything sort of "fell flat." I know the guestbook isn't the most exciting aspect of the day. People arrive, write their name in a book, and proceed to the next area with the other guests. HOWEVER, I decided my guest book was going to be something I looked back on for years to come. I wanted it to be remarkable, and here's how I did it.

Months before the wedding, I emailed my closest family members with one simple question. "In short, what is your secret to married bliss?" The results were funny, touching, heartfelt, and amazing overall. I decided I was going to start a photobook from scratch using Shutterfly as my product provider. I took the collection with their quotes and added them as pages in our guest book along with our engagement images. I used those pages next to "please sign" pages that I designed. The results were BEAUTIFUL, and I actually have a book that is worth looking back on again and again.

Sadly, since our wedding 10 years ago, some family members who participated with their quotes have passed away, making the book even more important to us. We are grateful to have asked that question before it was too late. This is what making memories is all about.

Images used in book above taken by

Corey Brown Photography

Save the Date Cards

Another great use of your engagement photos is to create a Save the Date card! Cards have gotten so unique these days, and personalizing them is as easy as pie. Some people create magnets for their guests to put on their refrigerator! Wouldn't you love your smiling faces on display for family members and friends to have a constant reminder of your excitement? This was our Save the Date card from 10 years ago, printed on pearl cardstock.

credit for image used: Corey Brown Photography

Ceremony Space Decoration

This was a new one to me until I photographed a wedding in the fall of 2021! I was SO PLEASED to see the engagement photos we had just taken in the spring used to beautify and personalize their ceremony space!

Wedding and Engagement photography by Sarai Minard Photography

Reception Space Decoration

Another great use for your engagement photos is to use them for your reception space! Whether you are decorating your tables, guestbook table, or bar area, your photos are sure to be seen. Brighten your reception space with your smiling face!

Image by Sarai Minard Photography, Engagement photo by Focus By Andie

Engagement photo and Image by Sarai Minard Photography

What will you do with your engagement photos?