High School Senior

One of the GREATEST accomplishments in your life is graduating high school. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that you finished what you started.

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High school senior Springfield MO
High school Senior Japanese garden Springfield MO
High school senior photos springfield MO
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Senior photos Springfield MO
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How it begins

Many years ago, your high school senior started kindergarten. There was a feeling of sending our "baby" in to the real world. Allowing them to be taught by someone else. Sitting at home, wondering what they are doing at school right now. Are they listening? Are they behaving? When they get home, we relentlessly search their folder in their little backpack, hoping to find small clues to tell us the story of their day. Little cut and paste projects, little worksheets, little projects they did as a little team at school...

First day of Kindergarten

Before you know it....

Time passes quickly. More quickly than we ever imagined. 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade all pass... soon on to middle school. Before you know it, they're off to their first day of high school. Emotions are high as we wonder how this ever happened. We wonder... are they ready for this? (And they are.)

At some point, we begin to realize... their senior year is fast approaching. They are in sports and cheer. They are involved in the band and choir. Theater and debate. They have SO much to offer this world. But right now, they are still your "baby." Right now is the time when you can have their photos made, highlighting their amazing personalities.

My favorite comment from parents who have seen their senior galleries is: "I love how you captured all of their expressions. You just captured 'them'." I absolutely love being able to pull their personalities from deep within. Make them smile, laugh, think about their future, discuss their hobbies and favorite things. It is a mission of mine to draw out everything that makes your senior unique.

Contact me with any questions you may have, and I would be happy to help!

High school senior Springfield MO