Wedding colors and why they are important

One of my favorite questions to ask my couples during our first consultation is "What are your wedding colors?" I ask this for a few reasons, but probably the most important reason is because it says a lot about how you want your wedding to feel and appear to others, which in turn helps me understand how you want it all captured. Let's explore some wedding color combinations from past weddings to see how they come together in wedding images!


The use of lighter colors is generally associated with growth, rebirth, life, full bloom. These colors are WONDERFUL to help convey a sense of freshness and the beginning of a new life together. In the season of growth and newness, these colors can create a sense of gentle renewal.

Dusty Rose is a beautiful color which pairs nicely with a wide range of master or secondary colors. It has a range of depth to accommodate both cool and warm tones. It can be used with either gold or silver, or even both! It can be paired with something as cold as navy or something as warm as deep red.

Red is a great summer color, and indicates romance, elegance, timelessness, and passion. Red pairs with so many other colors it's nearly impossible to list all of them. Red can have a broad range of depth from a warm deep red to a more vibrant lighter red.

Purple is a BEAUTIFUL color representing solidarity, sophistication, loyalty, empowerment, royalty, and fierce energy. Like red, it can be paired with so many colors. Purple can create a feeling of romance and high energy for a wedding.


Fall and winter weddings always remind me of tradition, comfort, stability, coziness, and familiar gatherings, probably because family gatherings are so prevalent during that time of year.

In the colder months, it is very common to see warm colors being used for weddings. Warmer colors are very apparent in nature represented by the color of the leaves changing, bare branches, late blooming florals, and the feeling a warm fire puts off.

Winter themed weddings can also have colors of icy or navy blues when paired with silver/grey. This is a beautiful palette to set the scene for the time of year.

Golds and yellows bring a classic beauty to many wedding day color schemes. Gold is known to be everlasting and represents love-evermore in an elegant and romantic way. I love when couples pair it with tones of red. Gold can also be a great accent color for any warm tone color scheme.

Yellows and golds can also be used in springtime with a more muted tone, like pastels. Imagine Spring with new buds compared to full-summer yellow sunflowers.

Your wedding color scheme

Are you having trouble coming up with your wedding colors? A cool solution is to visit home improvement stores or even visit their online shops. Most of the time, those shops have the option to lay colors side by side to see how they look all together. You can then imagine seeing those colors in your venue. Lowes is a great option when wanting to see color samples side by side. Sherwin Williams also has an app which allows you to see many color samples together. I like physical color swatches, which are FREE and you can take them with you when shopping for wedding decor, which ensures that you don't come home with clashing colors.