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I think we have established that I LOVE weddings, right? This post highlights a lot of what I offer with my wedding packages, and what makes me unique from the "industry standard" wedding photographers.

One of my favorite parts about weddings would have to be all of the personal touches that the couples bring to their weddings.

Many couples incorporate personal items of significant meanings in their wedding plans. Sometimes it's an old trinket from an older relative, or even a family member who has passed. I love to hear about the stories behind the pieces. Traditional couples like to include "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" in to their wedding day. It is always fun to hear about what they have chosen for those items. A big part of my job on their wedding day is to find a unique way to photograph significant details that have been planned for their wedding day.

The Dress Springfield Mo Republic MO
Guest book librarian wedding Branson MO
Rainy Day wedding Springfield MO
Bridal bouquet with dress and shoes Stockton MO
Wedding dress at The Venue in Stockton MO
Key to the future from a wedding in Springfield MO Wedding details
A bridal veil with backlight for wedding at The Loft at Keith Farms
A piece of the bride's father's tie cut in the shape of a heart, sewn into the inside of her wedding dress.

What's Important To Me -VS- The Industry Standard

I should start this part by explaining what the industry standard is. ***This is in NO way a knock to other wedding photographers***

The industry standard for shooting a wedding is to include only a couple of photos of each article or detail of the wedding. The idea is to keep the gallery short and simple, and the photo gallery will move quickly, smoothly and cohesively. Typically, it is considered "padding a gallery" when you add several photos of the same occurrence. Example, delivering several angles or crops of a wedding ceremony. This is all, of course, just industry standard.

Where I stray from the industry standard: While I am a big believer in your gallery flowing beautifully and cohesively, I am of the firm belief that nothing is viewed from only a couple of angles, and that everything you have chosen for your wedding deserves to be photographed in a beautiful and detailed way. I do not have a "set number" of photos I deliver, I only have a set minimum number of photos I will deliver. This means: if I shoot LOADS AND LOADS of photos of your wedding gown, you will receive several photos of your wedding gown. Because I love weddings so much, I tend to "over shoot," if you choose to look at it that way. The ceremony is a fine example of where I like to "pad the gallery." I provide many different angles, crops, and distances for each moment that happens during a wedding ceremony. BUT, I see it this way: If you are creating a beautiful wedding wall collage, but wish you had a different crop ratio for the first kiss... I like to know that I have provided that! I do not consider it padding, I like to think of it as giving you options. Let talk about more options I provide...

I do kiss at Greenhouse Two Rivers
a second crop of the wedding first kiss
A third crop of the first kiss during the ceremony
Right after first kiss: a lovely shot of the bride and groom at greenhouse two rivers

Additional Options I Provide:

Another option I love to provide all of my wedding clients is giving black and white photo variations for the portraits, family portraits, and ceremony. Again, this is something I like to do JUST IN CASE you have a special look you are going for when you print your photos. Another reason I do this is because I have a beautiful handcrafted B&W edit I apply to your images so you don't have to search for a generic edit after your images are delivered. If you are putting together a black and white theme, you will already have a cohesive and beautiful black and white collection.

Bridal Portraits wedding photos Springfield MO at the Greenhouse Two Rivers
Black and White options for all portraits
wedding photos in the Springfield MO area
Example of black and white photos for wedding portraits


I pride myself in providing a personalized experience for my couples. I sincerely enjoy hearing about how you met, what your proposal was like, what your dreams are for your big day... All of it. It helps guide me and my creativity, and it helps to really capture the unique details of your wedding. I will meet with you (whether in person or virtually) when ever you need me. I am here for your wedding 100% and am always ready to discuss your ideas. When you book with me, you get my full attention, and your wedding day is my top priority.

Let's grab a coffee and talk about your wedding!

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